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Ada in London, Surviving the Traumas.
Ada, a very well-established and much-loved Headteacher, takes off from Nigeria,
hoping to become the “goose” that will lay the “golden eggs” for her husband,
Fred, who lost a substantial sum of money in London, after a failed business trip.
The debts Fred owes need to be paid and Ada is to serve as the sacrificial lamb!

How will Add tackle the Winter cold alone, away in a far country, away from
her six children. and in particular, away from her baby, the two-year old?
What will Ada do when she can’t find a teaching job in London, straight away,
as hoped by her husband? What kind of menial jobs will she be forced to take
on – just to keep her head afloat? What will she do when she gets evicted from
her first accommodation – just two weeks after arrival?

The question is, what mischief will Fred be up to…now alone without his wife…
and with all those women fluttering like butterflies around him for attention?
Will Fred keep his side of the bargain, and eventually join his wife in London?

So many questions… Ada in London creates a story that is full of difficulties,
traumas, grief, disappointments and a lot of suspense..

So, how does Ada survive the traumas?

Some of the themes covered in this novel include:
– racism
– degradation
– acute loneliness
– lack of money
– abandonment
– bereavements

and so on and so forth.

If you are wondering how Ada manages to survive the traumas, just get a copy of the novel and read her story for yourself.


Here’s one review from Outskirts’ Press who first published the book in 2005.

“A lot of burning and topical issues are covered by Gracy Ukala in Ada in London. Such issues include a woman’s ability to survive nobly without succumbing to “selling her body”, or compromising her human dignity. She touches on other issues such as “faith in God” and “faith in oneself”. Ms Ukala’s most poignant and passionate theme remains the need for equality of the sexes to some extent, especially, in relationships or marriages. She believes fiercely that every woman has a right to choose what makes her happy, instead of being forced to remain in a relationship because that is what society expects of her, or because that would make her man happy!”

There are many more issues that Ada has to tackle in order to be true to herself and to her God. Ada’s survival is mainly due to her own determination to succeed. Ada’s hard work, her leadership skills and her absolute faith in God, all combine to see her through her dark moments of suffering.

Here’s another review:
Ada in London is full of suspense. It is fast-moving, simple, and very easy to read. Any one from the age of 18 onward, would enjoy the story thoroughly, as the issues tackled in this book are about mature life situations. This is a very well-written book by an award-winning novelist. I promise you, once you pick it up, you won’t want to put it down until you finish reading it!

I heartily recommend Ada in London-Surviving the Traumas, to you. Happy reading!”
Jonathan Edwards.

Pick up Ada in London now and enjoy!! Just fill the form above to go to the Purchase page.

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