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His and Hers Gratitude Journal

his and hers gratitude journal


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 Practise Daily Gratitude For More Love and Blessings.

A Daily Journal for Appreciating the Little and Big Blessings in Your Life.

“Gratitude can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” – Melody Beattie.

  • Take this Daily Gratitude Journal with you everywhere and make a note of the little and big things that make you laugh or make you happy.
  • Remember that the Most Spiritual Giants we know about, never had many worldly possessions – yet they remained happy and grateful for what they had.
  • Accept life’s problems as challenges that you can overcome. Then, be grateful for the lessons you learn every day.
  • You are prompted to make a note of anything that makes you grateful every day.
  • You are also given the space to create Your Daily Goals and to report on your success the following day. Be grateful and proud for your achievements.
  • This Journal also prompts you to do one good deed daily, however small, for someone without seeking a reward.
    I have given you some very inspiring quotes from well-known personalities to inspire you.
  • Remember, practising daily gratitude will open your life to more love and blessings.
  • This is a Paperback Journal with 122 pages. The size is 7″ by 10″, giving you sufficient writing space.
    Give this journal as a gift to your friends and family.
  • To buy this Daily Gratitude Journal, please fill out the form above to be taken to the Purchase Page. Thank you.
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