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Dating Guide -How to Find and Sustain a Great Relationship

how to find and sustain a great relationship


Finding Love Online can be quite difficult and tricky. You can easily get scammed, or treated so badly, that you decide that dating or finding love is no longer for you.
Anything can happen if one is not very careful. I have had the misfortune of going through a divorce and at the age I was at the time, over 60, I thought I would never find the right guy for me. But I didn’t give up. I gave it one more try, and as God would have it, I found one good man that is now my loving husband!
There is nothing to be ashamed of. This life is full of ups and downs! Relationships, in particular, can be very difficult these days, due to all the attractions and distractions on the internet. But there are still good people out there, and if you look carefully, you can find the right person for you. I did, so you can too!
I have put this little Dating and Relationship Guide together to encourage you, your grown-up children, or your friends, to try Online Dating again. If you have already found love, then this Relationship Guide will show you some techniques that will help you keep your love alive and your relationship really happy.
So, why not check out this book now, either for yourself, your grown-up children or for a friend? Amazon will send you the book -a paperback – within two days.
Please remember to leave me a review on Amazon if you buy and you really like the book.

The following topics are covered in some detail:

  • ARE YOU LOOKING FOR LOVE? – Search your mind and be honest with yourself before you start searching.
  • IS ONLINE DATING SAFE? – We look at strategies that will help you keep safe online and avoid scammers and time wasters.
  • WHAT ARE YOUR INHIBITIONS? – Are your fears holding you back? Do you think you are too ugly, too fat, too old, a failure because you were once divorced, etc, to find love? I show you how to overcome your inhibitions.
  • ARE YOU COMPATIBLE? – Compatibility is the key to a great and happy relationship. I show you how to determine whether or not your newfound love is actually compatible with you and how to walk away from that connection if you feel it is not working.
  • COMMON PROBLEMS IN RELATIONSHIPS – Every relationship has problems. We will explore some of them.
  • HOW TO KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP HAPPY – I give you several tried and tested strategies to help you keep your relationship very happy.
  • ARE THIRD PARTIES CAUSING YOU PAIN? – Some couples unwittingly let a third party take over their relationships – telling them what to do and what not to do, etc. I give you strategies to help you keep the busybodies in your lives out of your private business.
  • SPIRITUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS – Many people are lucky to find the partner who are spiritually matched to themselves. But what if your partner does not share your spiritual beliefs? Mayhem could ensue! I share some strategies that you can use to diffuse any spiritual misunderstandings.
  • CONCLUSION – I share some of my Online Relationship Courses – on my Amazing Success Academy: – with you, and offer you a chance to book your First Coaching Session with me for free, if you need further help, with either finding Love or retaining your current relationship.

You may be happy to know that I am a Master Life Coach and a Relationship Coach. Many of my Clients have found the strategies discussed in the book very useful. So, grab your copy and let me know later, how it has have helped you. You can access my Life Coaching Website here: if you need immediate help with your relationship issues.

Thank you!

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