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Welcome to Grace’s Books & Journals

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Welcome to my website where my books and journals are shown in greater light.

I do hope you enjoy browsing through my blog posts as well.

My novels  are based on either my personal experiences of people I knew while growing up in Nigeria as a child.

My first novel, Dizzy Angel – (1985), won several awards for its excellent portrayal of Nigerian traditional issues and the struggle for survival, of a young woman who was told she had no chance of surviving unless she was ready to marry a man much older than her own father because, as a Native doctor, he would protect her from an untimely death!

The Broken Bond, my second novel, highlights the veil of marrying more than one wife in the Nigerian society – where “mates” wives of the same man, tend to utilize evil means to curry favour from their husbands an d”outdo” the other wives. 

Witchcraft is often employed for these evil acts, so, surviving under such circumstances become a real battle for those concerned.

The Broken Bond also highlights the corruption which is so endemic in the Nigerian society – where politicians become “day-light swindlers” of Nigeria’s wealth from the natural resources which God had so kindly given us – which under different circumstances, would give Nigerians wonderful resources for a wonderful life!

Ada In London, Surviving the Traumas – is a biographical novel based on Ada’s own experiences within her marriage and her husband’s cruel ways. 

Ada in London is full of difficult and harsh situations which Ada has to survive. You see how a woman learns to cope with situations she never expected to go through as a married and very successful professional.

Ada has to learn to cope with life the best way she can – all by herself and relying completely on God to see her through.

My Journals.

These Journals are very useful for daily use.

  • Senior Citizens’ Daily Logbook
  • Youngsters’ Reading Log
  • Mother and Baby’s Log- First 12 Months
  • His and Hers Daily Gratitude Journal

Please check them out as you may find one or two of them really useful.

Also, kindly check back once in a while, as I have more new books and journals in the pipeline.

My books are on and

Enjoy browsing through my website and I do hope you pick up a book as they all make excellent reading!


Thank you.



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